Wildlife Activities

Activities to do in Chitwan National Park

Jungle walk:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

Our experienced naturalists will accompany you to the more specialized habitats. That is the ideal opportunity to explore and experience at closer quarters the beauty of the flora and fauna. The authority of the naturalist must be closely observed to obviate any risks from wildlife attacks. Jungle walk may be of 1 to 5 days depends upon curiousity of the guest.

Canoe trip:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

Typical hand-made dugout canoe on either the Rapti or the Budhi Rapti River, which border the national park. There are chances to see two types of crocodiles, the Gharial and Mugger basking on the riverbank. Other wildlife, especially birds is an additional interest.

Village tour/Cultural programme:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

Tharu people are the indigenous inhabitants of the Terai. We offer guided cultural tours to meet the people and experience their traditional self-sufficient way of life. At the hotel we feature Tharu folk dancing. The drummers and symbolic stick dancers perform traditional movements and invite guests to join them in this rhythmic display.

Elephant breeding center:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

This is the first elephant breeding center in Asia and is situated at Royal Chitwan National Park. You can see baby elephants socializing with their parents and other babies. The center is governments' owned and its purpose is to raise the young elephants.

Jungle drive:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

A tour by four wheel drive jeep in the less disturbed areas of the park to track the rare species. You will visit Ox-bow Lake and a museum of historic interest relating to the park. These facilities inside the park are not available during the monsoon.

Bird watching:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

Birds lovers will have a wonderful opportunity to se many species of birds in the early morning as the new day dawns.

Elephant back safari:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

An elephant back ride is one of the safest ways to enter the jungle and see the wild life. It is an exciting never to be forgotten experience.

Elephant Bath:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

On the middle of the day riding on the bare back of the elephant & go to the Rapti River. Swimming and washing them is great fun to play with large mammals.

Tower Stay:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

The tower is in the middle of the jungle where you can spend the whole night and feel real nature surroundings.

Crocodile breeding center:

Chitwan Wildlife Activities

Gharial crocodile is one of the endangered species of the world. To protect them, UN has established the crocodile breeding center where we product the large number of Gharials and release them in the River.

Bicycle tour:

During the ride we visit 20,000 lakes area, which afford a varied experience of birds and mammals.